Top Cologne for Men Who Want To Smell Good

Top Cologne for Men Who Want To Smell Good

Top Cologne for Men Who Want To Smell Good

If there’s one thing crowded subway trains have taught us, it is that the right cologne is a critical grooming necessity. How many times have we held our breath – no thanks to an overpowering cologne worn by an unsophisticated CBD executive, or body odour emanating from a hardworking lad – wishing we could teleport to our destination pronto?

This brings us to the all-important question: how does one pick the right cologne? Well, price comparisons aside — how do you like your base notes? Do you prefer something citrusy, minty or musky? Once you’ve got that figured out, skip the online order (for your first purchase at least) and test out the cologne out in person at a store like Robinsons or Sephora instead.

Pro tip: A good cologne doesn't have to be expensive. To know if a scent is suitable for you, reach for the tester set and spray it on the warmest parts of your body, such as your wrist or inner elbows. Then, go about your day as you normally would. At different intervals, take notes on the scent’s sillage, how it smells, as well as its longevity. If you still like it by the end of the day, the cologne is probably a winner.

And if you need recommendations, here are six best colgone for men (according to their fragrance families) that deserve a place in the hall of fame.


Leather Musk by Crabtree & Evelyn, 100ml, $72.00


Fancy the scent of rich leather? Now you can wear it too, alongside warm Indonesian patchouli and woody Haitian vetiver. To round it all off, the uplifting lemon accents add a cool touch to this unusual blend.

Suitable for: Men who are looking for something different yet sensual. We recommend this for your next date night.

Colonia Leather Eau de Cologne Concentrée by Acqua di Parma


Introduced in May 2014, this cologne was announced as an “original creation born by unconventional combining of freshness coming from citrus notes of the original fragrance Colonia and rich, sensual shades of aromatic leather”.

And true to its description, the warm scent is reminiscent of luxurious, well-crafted leather accessories. It features top notes of Brazilian orange and a touch of Sicilian lime. The heart features rose and petit grain from Paraguay, artfully combined with leather, Atlas cedar and guaiac wood from Paraguay.

Suitable for: The stylish and elegant man who appreciates the finer things in life. Buy here.


CK2 by Calvin Klein, 100ml, $87


The lightest of the lot, CK2 comes in a minimalist glass bottle, and is touted as a unisex scent (you can share this with your significant other!) that celebrates the diversity of connections between two people. Think spicy wasabi notes coupled with rose absolute, earthy incense, and sandalwood. Note: This scent wears off pretty fast.

Suitable for: Fresh and easy to wear, it’s likely to appeal to a millennial crowd. Buy here.

1805 by Truefitt and Hill, 100ml, $100


This is Justin (Team Urban Oak)’s pick. 1805 features bergamot, mandarin and cardamom as top notes, while lavender, geranium and clary sage makes up its heart. Rounding off the fragrance are warm notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. Established in 1805 — more than two centuries ago — Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in London and the world, and its line of grooming essentials is a favourite with discerning gentlemen worldwide. Plus: Ingredients used in the brand’s products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Suitable for: Men who don’t want an overpowering scent. This one is light and fresh enough for everyday use. Buy here.


Armani Code Profumo by Giorgio Armani, 110ml, $159


Inspired by the label’s handsome tuxedos, the Profumo is the latest addition to the Armani Code range. It starts off fresh with notes of green mandarins, crisp green apples and cardamom before revealing a soothing combination of lavender and nutmeg. Now imagine all of that enveloped in hints of tonka bean and tobacco.

Suitable for: Stylish executives who want to smell as sharp as they look at work. Buy here.

Black Absinthe Eau de Cologne by Crabtree & Evelyn, 100ml, $88


Paying homage to the rich history of absinthe, this cologne underscores lively, herbaceous notes in a most sensuous manner. Feel the rush of absinthe, artemisia and fennel flower — green, rejuvenating notes which celebrate absinthe’s rich apothecary heritage.

Underneath the aroma of the wild herbs, lavender notes marry with smooth black liquorice and peppery vetiver, bringing to mind an intimate Parisian bar. A creamy tonka base note rounds the scent off on a deep, sensual tone we adore. It’s fortunate the cologne doesn't last as long we’d like it too — most of it melts away by midday.

Suitable for: Men who do not like typical masculine scents, and are looking for something with green notes.