Lockhart Heavy Hold (Black Tape) Pomade


In 2013, Steve and Nicole, husband and wife from Michigan given birth to Lockhart's Authentic. The heart and soul of this brand is to create great grooming products and to defy some of the common wrong perception on hair pomades. They wanted a good heavy hold pomade that don’t rip your hair out during application, and yet giving a good shine. Together, they continue to innovate and creating more effective grooming products.

In this review, we will look one of their first products - the Heavy Hold Pomade. No kidding, we thought most products made in the west won’t really work here in this humid Singapore, but during our deep dive review, we were wrong. This is our confession.


Lockhart Authentic


Michigan, United States


Oil Based Pomade


Packaged in a slick black tin, this is your standard 113g pomade house.



Coco Vanilla. Slight hint of mint. Refreshing.

Texture & Application

For most heavy hold products, it’s quite hard to be scooped out. But this is surprisingly easy. Initially there’s this hard layer you have to get through. After that, it’s so easy. It is soft, slightly creamy with some firm texture. Rubbing on the hand was also pretty at ease before application.

I would say this is much easier compared to another heavy hold product by Kevin Murphy Rough Ride.

During application, styling with your hand or comb was a swift. Though it is heavy hold, it gives a very good control and smooth texture to the hair. It doesn’t harden or lump your hair together. It fact, it looks pretty slick. Have this styled on dry hair for the best effect.



Low Shine

Strength & Endurance

  • Strong Hold

  • Suitable for all kinds activities, recommended especially those of you who mostly perspire or under hot sun, this product really holds perfectly

  • Restyling wasn’t really needed as the hold lasted almost the whole day


Front View: 8 A.M. (Before)

Loving the slick. Great Hold! Style within seconds ;) 


Front View: 8 P.M. (After)

Went through with humid weather and some perspiration. Looking strong after 12 hours.


Side View: 8 A.M. (Before)


Side View: 8 P.M. (After)


As expected, oil based usually requires 1 - 2 cycles of shampoo and conditioner for complete removal. But hey, don’t wash it all off at once. Have some residue on and you will have some good pre-styled hair the next day ;)


Shampoo and Conditioner get the job done

Hair Types

  • VolumeLow to High Volume Hair

    1. ThicknessFine to Thick Hair

    2. Straight, Wavy


Slick Pompadour, Side Parting Undercut, Comb-back

(See hairstyles here )


Microcrystalline wax, beeswax, petrolatum, lanolin, coconut oil, castor oil, parfum


Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the best heavy hold oil based pomade you can find in the market. For the football players, adventure hikers and the hustlers, sweat all you want and this product is to stay and keep you in style at all times.

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