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The Men’s Grooming Guide for the modern man.

At Urban Oak, we focus on independent and unbiased reviews that answer your questions about products. Products ranging from your grooming, style and everyday carry accessories.

You appreciate products that better your life, we tell you what and where to get them.

You want shopping without the fuss, we are dedicated to curating items that suit your needs.

The Passionate People Behind


Product Hunter

Justin Lim

The idea of a Men’s Grooming Guide came to mind whilst I was searching for suitable grooming products for my hair and sensitive skin. Living in a humid Singapore climate made my search more challenging. It took me numerous of tries before I finally found the right products for my needs.

With few resources dedicated to the gentlemen living in Southeast Asia, finding the right products for your lifestyle can be a tall order. That’s where you can count on us to fill the gap. To make sure you don’t go through the same arduous process, I am dedicated to help you sift through the noise effectively with our informative platform. From grooming to everyday carry, it’s shopping made simple again.


Content Editor

Dawn Hee

As a fashion and beauty writer, I’m especially passionate about skincare, and have tried hundreds of products in the name of flawless skin. Interestingly, my strict grooming routine has rubbed off my fiancé, who has since put together his own stash of products. Before he acquired this level of confidence, however, he had plenty of questions for me: How do I choose the right cream for my face? Do you apply a serum before your moisturiser? How often should eye cream be applied?

Clearly, industry jargons and steps can be downright confusing for men who are new to the grooming game, and Justin has roped me in to clear the air. Hence at Urban Oak, you’ll find unbiased reviews, recommendations and gift guides written from a female point of view – just so you know how we think. ;)